Thursday, October 27, 2016


Do not reply or ask
as your voice is silent
of questions or answers
preferring to hear and watch
the music of Russian dancers
in their silky white masks
vanishing in the matinee light
then my favorite ballerina
squints at me from
her dark eye lashed eyes
as Galina hints of a tete a tete
with a late lunch omelette
of crepe and egg suzette
sounds like a quiet paradise.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Here at the Charles river
my orange kayak lands
on the sponge of waves
by the sunny luminous shore
anchored on the Evergreen tree
where my rubbed out initials
were written when I was five
is still to be seen by the pond
of the almond salamanders
as twigs fall by crimson leaves
the sea breeze embraces us
through the October wind
as I play a thousand riffs
with my notes of smooth jazz
making nature alive
as I relax on the sand.


The cost for love
when given away free
is now in the shame
which has no name
in this upper country
but is eaten
as a mistaken
misfortune cookie
on the plate
of the lost supper.


In the cold country street
by the photographed October 31st
through broken mirrors
of the cursed unspoken
silent horror movie
my students have taken down
into the home room corridors
when the snowy doors open
suddenly opening to
the cellar's dark room
blacked out by the sun
it all seems to meet
with stellar charades
in motion at the sleepy
Gothic doom's day
at the last limestone
gloomy caves playing out
in a hollow dramatic
gas lighted volcanic scene
of a midnight picnic
as blasphemous
and vexed
ex monkish ghosts
float in grey shades
by the graves tomb,
what shrill boasts follow
the narrow shades
of the blackened shadows
at the cracked windows
where thickly ashen
and sponged greenish
orange and black costumes
are worn in a titanic Ulalume
on Halloween
where the poet
Edgar Allen Poe wishes
he had never been.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Evading and shading
in her first audition
of my script
from my newest one act play
Monique is reprimanded
several times
by the art director,
as the actor shyly asks him
this day if she will get
the part
after the half hour interview
as her lips tremble
(she barely laughs on cue)
as every hair is put in place
by the dressing room
knowing how important it is
that the unique nuances
reach each powerful line
is her romantic task
to be on time
in her three masks
knowing Monique's face
must change its facade
for the unique first scene
using only the right accent
and choice of language
left over from our examination
of her part
from the limited range
of her space at her collapse
at a recorded rendition
of where she has been,
whether her voice of art
is genuine or fake
as we arranged for her
on this hour on stage
where no one gets a break.


Knowing how you slide
by these swings
on this snowy dawn
in the airy playground
up here in Vermont
where bird nests open
by the fountain's glen
when the kindergarten opens
to let out my cousin's children
who bring their lunch
of my aunt's cheese croissants
to munch on
as we walk
to the Green Mountains
as crimson leaves
fall from Maple trees
as the sunshine rays pose
in their shadows
here by the country vines
of the last summer roses.

Monday, October 24, 2016


Watching a kite festival
by the island's river quays
though it is cold in the mist
and we start to shiver
in a nature's hunger
I'm wearing a angel-winged scarf
on a white shirt
in a Henry James sort of way
here by the finery of Manhattan
of a once Dutch New Amsterdam
near the brownstone ice pond
of my younger dangerous days
yet laughing
as we all resist leaving
because the suspended sun
is now out and so you begin
to play touch football
supporting strangers now friends
passing by the shouting crowd
but without any brawl at sports
in a proud Fall pattern of sorts
hearing the chilled voice
of my partner who is an orderly
who gives me a passing ball
with his amends to me
for a kicking injury
on the pinewood lawn
as I hear Hans's icy glass
giving me a friend's Daiquiri.