Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A warm July
day on the hassock

waiting for a friend
to share

trying to be fearless
and not give into

a melancholic
or panic despair.

Monday, July 17, 2017

listening to Mozart
on an afternoon in July

mushrooms being found
outside the door

the cat is hard
to ignore.

with a heavy metal smile
the drummer plays

all night
inspiring an actor

to interpret
him in a play

he helps
to star in.

reacting to

of scene
here on the boardwalk

the many
university students

ask me to read
a gender fluid poem.
exit the river
which unites

the fragments
of an expressible life

fishing for salmon
here surpassing time

with an uneasy wish
to catch a haul

in a basket
for lunch.
A baroque clock
found in an auction

not far from Paris,
located in a bazaar

not far from the Seine
wishing it would keep

time for me on every road
in exile.
reading Lautreamont
in a Moldoror of horror

and a metaphor
of catastrophe

of poetic justice
erupting into loss

seized with humor
in a parenthesis of guilt

of amour
and racy obstacle

in a miracle
of apostrophe

in an orgy
of the deranged.