Wednesday, March 1, 2017


On the train
at ten years old
when a misfit
who opposed
this young jazz composer
started to complain
about my early riffs
reminding my aunt
of Antonio Salieri
who was jealous
of Mozart
then when deciding
for a music career
you became my critic
in my ear,
and when I was at Aspen camp
you came up as a poseur to
humiliate me
in front of my family
with a comic stunt
to make trouble
at talent night
and lost badly
as you double crossed me,
and when I became a poet
you deposited
your shadowy lines
out to the magazines
but they were not accepted
published or edited
and you me let me know it
out of the stage windows
then you tried to be an actor
but were rejected
for all the parts and discredited
by the art director
in the mezzanine audition
at bz's theater company
hoping to harass or bad ass me
but it never worked
so jerk off.

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