Sunday, February 19, 2017


Like the experience of Borges
in Argentina
I'm reading in a day dream
of sequences
in regard to Keats verse
only by chance
in my adolescent universe
with a visionary's light glance
yet knowing he has wedded
and changed us forever
as Keats words drew me
into a memorial
for an English burial
at a young age of twenty five
and that into an oblivion
but not forgetting
he has made me alive
in a surviving  an editorial
of another age
imagining large floating flowers
by boats and barges
over the Thames river beds
you who once blind sided us
for long hours to deliver ud
into your mirrors of influence
yet it only took a brief meeting
wedded to discover
in our minds forever
your unique powers of revelation
within a lover's chorus
at the thrill of walking alone
by a wellspring of corridors
under nature's branches
as birdsong melodies
settled on me
in my memory
from that rested day
up at the green hills
we still long for your
clever words for merciful
knights and ladies
escaped in our heart and spirit
and departing away
from a middle aged Hades
for a more Romantic scene
to take up your youthful part
as reigning but resigned souls
who signed
onto to drink our mouthful
of a love potion
from your heavenly disposition
in ways
of a language celebration
up staged for us poets
to think only out of the box
from a vein which unlocks
us away from shamans
and Haman's of religion
out of a story book sense
in life's brief oblivion
searching in a personal region
for truth and its consequence
conceding genius and freedom
in your ''Endymion."

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