Monday, February 20, 2017


What is valid
or worth it all
Dostoeyevsky's gamble
or Kierkegaard's wager
or the id
or ego of a Freudian shrink
analyzing a handsome
unemployed laborer
once a low wage earner
but always high
during the vacation season
and and an artisan
who thinks up plans
for large cultural installations
scales the modernist prisms
and shapes from bricks
away from academic critics
with landscape minimalists
for free spirited artists
in Russian, then in American
Constructionism\ of the 20's
now in the loop of networks
for ex Marxist speakers on sites
who also like Groucho
more than the group think
of Stalinists
we who prefer Beat poets
in a coup from churning around
and learning from each other.

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