Saturday, February 18, 2017


A visiting Beat poet
falls asleep
at a Giant's game
in his enigmatic slumber
pictures a series
of literary and lottery
numbers of library books
he has recently read
in the early night darkness
says "Yes" to a proposal
at his beds disposal
recites in Russian
a lyrical love poem
of V.Ivanov
for his February birthday
as it starts to rain
suddenly realizing
that his vocalizing verse
is not in vain
as a deafening roar
sounding like lightning
in another section
it's actually for a home run
change in the score
which gives him
a soon to wake
direction for a musical
he is composing on the piano
at his studio
not retreating a second
for an enchanting encirclement
as an inclement
war commences
over a crowd of words.

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