Thursday, February 23, 2017


Playing the radio
and hearing the sound
of Mozart's piano concerto
number 22
Kirlschel listing 482
as I'm reading a few lines
of Virgil in Latin
hearing an infomercial
and praying by my cat
in my sound proof studio
playing soprano sax riffs
writing them down
in my portfolio
as an underground poet
jazz and classical musician
starts a search
for a definition
of learning to cope
afresh on this Thursday
yearning for an allowance
of any chance
for an extension
of a belief in my proclivity
to be beneficial for the arts
at my calling of relief
in wide hopes
of greater creativity
with a saturnine tension
in high gear
as Evergreen leaves fly
off the slate dark roofs
on the Cape
in a late February breeze,
I'm beginning
to shape an an abstract painting
of an installation landscape
drawing trees, rivers and valleys
when all questions of angst
move aside with ease
as the ignition lights up
in this van
offering an arc of shelter
hiding from the snow flakes
against the window pane
sharing my own vigil
by rehearsing all the parts
for my new  comic play
going to a rehearsal
at the Original Theater.

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